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SnapTube APK Download Free Latest Version (2018):Do you want to download YouTube videos on an Android phone, but found no better option? Then you...

SnapTube APK Download Free Latest Version (2018):Do you want to download YouTube videos on an Android phone, but found no better option? Then you have landed in the right place, as we in this post are going to share with you a mind-blowing application. You know, YouTube is the biggest video sharing portal and billions of people use this website to watch videos. Even the video sharing giant has become the second most used search engine after Google. From this page, you can download SnapTube APK. Do not you think YouTube should develop an application to provide video downloading over there? No, absolutely not- As, a major portion of YouTube income comes from advertisements. And people watch videos, see advertisements, this the way things work. So, now you got an idea why YouTube does not allow people to download videos, officially.SnapTube APK

But, around the globe, thing do not work like that. People have to download videos to store and to watch them later. Like, in third world countries there are places where internet is not available. So, the only way to learn and to educate them via watching YouTube videos is to download them, store them and to share them.

SnapTube APK, if I say, this application is one of the best and top-rated downloading application, then this may not be wrong. As, up till now, millions of people have downloaded this application, have installed and got the right use of it.

SnapTube not only provides you to download videos, music just from YouTube, but there is about 25 video sharing portals from where you can download the videos. And now the latest updates have made us download even videos from social networking websites. Now, you can download videos from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by just copying the URL of the video and pasting.

How to Download Videos using ‘SnapTube APK’?

This is a pertinent question, and one should get to know the way by following one can download the videos. In downloading of the videos, you first have to download the app and to install it on your Android device.

If you are downloading and installing an application very first time, out of Google Play Store, then it might not allow you to get a smooth installation.

SnapTube Install : To get SnapTube app installed on an Android phone, you have to change the installation settings.

Tap on the setting of the phone -> security settings -> Scroll down and find Unknown sources radio button -> Enable it

Now, you will have a smooth installation without of any error.

Now, it comes to downloading videos using SnapTube.

The interface of the application is very smooth and clean. Though, by following the screen you can get an idea about downloading a video. But, we are going to explain here to explore the entire topic.

After getting this application installed on your device, you need to open this and launch it on your phone.

The home screen will appear, and there will be a search bar at the top of it.

If you directly want to search a video, you can search. The application will provide the best option for you, gathered from different video sharing portals. But, most of the options will be on YouTube.

And if you want to search a video sharing website, and then want to search a video there, and download that, you can go for that option too. SnapTube Online is also now available.

SnapTube APK     SnapTube APKSnapTube APK

Now search for videos

So, search for any video (As an example we are doing this) and there will be different results there. You just tap on any, and SnapTube will provide you different options from high-quality resolution to low quality, even in MP3. Grab any link and just download any video you want. The video will start downloading and within few seconds, or minutes (It depends on your Internet connection and video length) the video will be finished downloading.

SanpTube is rich in features; it provides the users with different options to engage them. Like, on the home screen of the application, you can see top videos, most viewed recent updates, and movies. You can tap on any of these options and can watch relevant content.

All videos of these categories can be downloaded on an Android phone, and you can save them to watch later.

SnapTube Google Play Store is not available, for obvious reasons. As Play Store does not allow apps which provide downloading of videos from YouTube, it is against the laws, but in many countries YouTube Overlook it. But, in USA and China people cannot download videos; they just watch videos online and cannot save them for offline.

SnapTube APK  SnapTube APK  SnapTube APK  SnapTube APK SnapTube APK SnapTube APK  SnapTube APK


Features of SnapTube APK:

SnapTube is one of the most used video downloading the application. And you can grab any video by using this simple application; you have no need to install any extra plugin or encoding. Just search for the video on the given search box, or paste the URL of the video and grab the video in your desired format.

  • SnapTube provides you the downloading of any video in audio format, just tap on the Audio option while downloading
  • It provides you different video formats, from high resolution to low resolutions, gets the format accordingly your plan and memory.
  • There are about more than 25 videos sharing websites, and you can download any video from those websites.
  • Download videos from social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.
  • The different portion to grab latest uploaded videos, most viewed videos, and top videos. Discovers videos from these categories, and get them downloaded in the blinking of eyes.
  • Cancel, pause, and restart any video
  • Simple and clean interface with sober designs
  • Download more than one video
  • Pause all downloading of videos with just one tap
  • You can search videos even using the search bar, even get the videos of some specific video websites.
  • Manage the downloaded videos
  • Save them, move them, delete them

snaptube app free downloadSnapTube APK Download

I think for one who is hunting down in searching for a superb video downloader, “SnapTube APK” will be the right option for an Android phone. Here, we have given you the download link, you just tap on the download button given. And install it on your phone or tablet, hope the download link will be working fine. But, if you get any error, in downloading of the application, or get some errors in using the application, please do comment in the comment section.


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